Sugar Body Scrub

The Sugar Body Scrub is another amazing product that has multiple uses. The most obvious use is as an exfoliating body wash. Add a dollop of your sugar scrub to a loofah, wash cloth of bath brush and go to town. Keep in mind that exfoliating is not something you should do daily, but a couple times a week or after you’ve been in the sun.

The Sugar Body Scrub is also great if you do diy manicures or pedicures at home. Exfoliate your hands or feet first, rinse and pat dry before you proceed with your nails.

A little known use for the Sugar Body Scrubs is as a shaving cream for your legs. Work a dollop of body scrub into your legs and gently exfoliate. Then, just shave with the lather that’s left over. The great thing about the sugar is that it begins to dissolve as you exfoliate, so it won’t muck up your razor when you shave. You’re left with soft, smooth skin and no razor burn!

The Sugar Body Scrubs are available in 4 scents: Chocolate Lavender, Coconut Lime, Vanilla Almond and Lemon!



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