Strawberry Lip Scrub

The Strawberry Lip Scrub is one of the newest products to hit the shelves at Rare Bath and Body. I currently carry a Coffee & Shea Butter Lip Scrub, but I added the Strawberry because I felt that the Coffee flavor is more of a fall/winter flavor, while the strawberry is a bit more spring/summer. I love both of them equally, but there are a few more differences than just the flavor.

The Strawberry Lip Scrub is made with an argan butter blend, sugar and strawberry flavor. You may have heard of argan oil and all of its nourishing benefits. Argan butter is derived from argan oil, and contains natural waxes and fatty acids that help to protect your skin from environmental elements.

The skin on your lips is especially delicate and at the mercy of sun and wind damage. I can feel my lips drying out when I’m blasting the AC in my car. We talk, we put on make up, we swim, we wear sunscreen, but unless you’re wearing an amazing chapstick with UV protection throughout the day, your lips aren’t getting much protection from any of the free radical damage.

A sugar lip scrub is a great way to gently exfoliate dead or damaged skin and nourish the fresh, healthy skin beneath. Follow up with my Mango Mai Tai Lip Balm or my Sweet Almond Lip Balm to keep lips soft and supple.



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