Treating Acne

There isn’t really a one-size-fits-all solution to treating acne. It’s almost like migraine, where triggers vary from person to person. However, on the bright side, I can provide general set of guidelines, and you can tweak your skin care routine based on the results that you are seeing.

Be sure to give each product that you try about 4-6 weeks before you judge if it is or is not working for you. Also, try to only change one product at a time so that you can fairly judge if a specific product is giving you poor results or a reaction.

So, the first tips, and the most obvious tips, are not to touch your face, drink lots of water and avoid greasy foods. You’ve heard the expression “you are what you eat”, and certain types of acne are strongly affected by what you eat. Keep an eye on your diet, if you’re having breakouts after certain foods, try to cut back or avoid them altogether. Water is essential to skin care. Bright, glowing skin starts from the inside, so don’t expect any products to give you consistent results if you’re not staying hydrated.

I know drinking lots of water is a pain, but it is essential to good skin and good health in general. You can download apps on your phone, set alarms, or mark a water bottle with a schedule to keep yourself on track. Do the best you can with this, because I promise it pays off.

Now for the goodies: let me start by giving you a crash course in how your skin works. Your skin wants to shed dead, damaged cells and replace them with healthy, new cells. The most common cause of acne is a lack of lubrication for this process. Moisturizing your skin is essential to making sure that it can push the dead cells to the surface. Not moisturizing can cause build-up of dead tissue in your pores, or a shield of dead skin across the top of the pore. More bacteria and oil gets caught, and voila, blackheads and whiteheads abound.

So many people think that because they have oily skin, they should avoid moisturizing to cut back on oil. The truth is that the opposite is probably what you need. Try a lightweight, fast absorbing moisturizer that is formulated for use on your face like my White Tea Moisturizer. My White Tea Moisturizer is made with healing aloe vera and light, nourishing coconut¬†oil and sunflower oil. I also add white tea extract, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. This formula is light enough that it doesn’t clog your pores, it just adds enough moisture to hydrate your skin and reduce redness if you are having a breakout. You should use it at least once every day after cleansing. If you use a clay mask, you should use it after you remove your clay mask.

Another important daily step that should be in your skin care routine is cleansing. This is a major step that really varies from person to person, so if you’re using a cleanser that you’re happy with, stick with it! If you just cleanse with water, and you’re happy with that, stick with it! If, however, you think that what you’re doing is not enough, I do make a range of clay soaps that are gentle enough to use on your face. One of the numerous benefits of bentonite clay is that it is a great detox and a very, very mild exfoliant. It is mild enough that you can use it daily. Of the 5 clay soaps I offer, I recommend the Tea Tree & Rosemary soap for acne. This particular combo is suited for acne because of its natural bacteria fighting skills. Tea Tree is a wonder oil, and among its many benefits, it is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-microbial and fungicide. This soap is gentle, but its a strong acne fighter and keeps dirt and oil from brewing in your pores. I also make it with aloe vera to soothe and heal your skin, and rosemary leaves to provide an extra layer of exfoliation.

The final product that I make specifically for Acne Treatment is my Sea Clay Mud Mask. The Mud Mask is meant to be used only about once per week and acts as a heavy oil and bacteria detox for your face. Always follow up with your moisturizer after using any clay mask. The idea is to draw oil from your skin, so you run the risk of over-drying if you don’t use a moisturizer afterward. I use sea clay as a base for this mask to draw deep-seated oil and bacteria build up to the surface. I also add lemon powder, another natural antibacterial to destroy bacteria and keep it from causing acne. There is also orange essential oil in the Mud Mask, which is a gentle stimulant. The idea is to draw out excess garbage from your pores and stimulate your skin to go about its natural process.

To use the mask, you simply add water. Each mask comes with a measuring scoop. Just mix 1/2 scoop of Mud Mask with 1/2 tsp. of water until the mixture gets muddy in texture. Apply the mixture to your face (I use a Q-Tip). Be sure to avoid your eyes, mouth and nostrils. Let the mask stand for about 10-15 minutes, then remove it with a warm cloth. Follow up with your moisturizer, and that’s all there is to it!

The Oasis Collection is not exclusively made for acne treatment, however it is formulated for aging skin. If you have problems with adult onset acne, the Oasis Collection might be a better option for you. The primary goal of Oasis is to keep your skin doing what it does best, naturally, as your skin matures. Keeping the process of shedding dead cells, producing healthy cells and maintaining your skin’s overall health is essential to keeping your skin radiant as you age. Fortunately, it is also essential to keeping acne from having a leg to stand on.

Well, like I’ve said before, you have to be your own advocate, and I just try to give you the tools to make good choices for your skin. My advice is that if you’re looking for a place to start with my products, but you’re not ready to jump in, try the White Tea Moisturizer first!




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