Etsy Up 2016

If you’ve been following my instagram, then you probably noticed that I was out of town last week to attend the Etsy Up Conference in NYC. I stayed in Ansonia, CT with family and took the Metro-North RR into the city on Thursday and Friday. The conference took place at The New School University in lower Manhattan. I’m not a city person, and I can’t say I was caught up in the romance of NYC, but I loved college, and this experience brought me back to my education at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I’m also a day-dreamer, so I loved the 2 hours commute on the train. It gave me time to decompress each morning before the hustle, and it gave me time each afternoon to tame my excitement and process the material.

So what do they talk about at an Etsy Conference, and why do you care? We covered topics ranging from getting my products found in Etsy’s search engine, to online advertising, to getting found by bloggers and press influencers. Why does this matter to you? Because it makes it easier for you to find me, to share me with your friends and family, and my success equals more products and better services for you. Etsy Up was also jam packed with great inspiration, and helped me to overcome mental obstacles that every small business owners gets stuck on. I’ve been in business for nearly 5 years now, so that’s given me enough time to develop habits and routines that I’ve gotten stuck into. There’s nothing wrong with routine, but in this type of business, I have to remember to be nimble so that I’m meeting all of your needs and keeping it fresh for myself. We go into business because we want more than routine.

There are a few major changes that are going to come out of this conference, and most of those should be rolled out by Holiday Season this year. I won’t spoil the fun, but stay tuned and follow my instagram and my blog to stay in the know on the latest from Rare Bath and Body.



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