Soap is Coming Off the Menu!

This month has been a bit of a whirlwind! First I went to the Etsy Up Conference, and then the following weekend, I travelled back to NYC for the NY Now Trade Show.

I went to both of these events to learn what I could about what my next steps for my business should be. I also went to see how I stack up to the competition on a national level and what trends were surfacing this holiday season.

While my brain is still a mishmash of new information and inspiration that I haven’t had a chance to really consider and sort through yet, there was one main takeaway that became glaringly clear from both adventures, and its something that’s been on my mind since day one, to be honest: There are a LOT of soap makers.

I’m not talking about bath and body in general, I’m talking specifically about soap makers. There are tons of them. All of the soap starts to blend together after a while, and I don’t want to be a part of a blur. My product line has grown, and soap is not as big a part of it as it was my first year.

The truth is, I’m not the greatest soap-maker of all time. I use a process called melt and pour that’s pretty limiting. I follow so many other soap makers that are doing some really cool stuff with cold process soap making, and are rock stars at it. My joy lies in hair care, and I do think that I make the best handmade Leave-In Conditioner on the market. Soap has been a product that I’ve continued to carry because it’s expected.

I’ve decided to focus on my joy, and as a result, I will be phasing MOST of my bar soap out of my product line. My Tea Tree & Rosemary Clay Soap and my Oasis facial cleanser will stay in my product line since they are part of my skin care products, and I plan to add at least one more clay soap to keep on my line for normal skin. (Spoiler, it’s probably going to be a lavender scented french green clay soap; something along those lines.)

So, the bottom line is that soap is going away. But, the good news is it’s going away to make way for more great skin care and hair care products!



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