Canalside Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I am back at Canalside for my last weekend of the season. It’s my last weekend at Canalside, but I’ll have other shows in North Tonawanda, Elma, Williamsville and Buffalo throughout the fall and holiday season.

I’ll be there bright and early to set up, and ready to sell at 10am. I’ve been wrapping up by 4 pm because of the heat this season, but it’s supposed to be pretty pleasant tomorrow so I’m hoping to stick it out until 5.

Shop Oasis and my Original Collection, try testers and ask me questions about the products. I can also help you start to plan your holiday shopping by showing you which products make great gift sets, and help you choose the best products for your loved ones!

A couple things to note: I am out of the Acne Mask this weekend and my overall inventory is lower than usual on a few products, so if you’re stopping by for something specific, make sure you come early! Also, I am going to try to bring as much soap as possible and run a special one-day sale on all of the styles that are being discontinued. Soap makes a great stocking stuffer or its great to keep on hand if you need a gift for a forgotten office birthday or sudden happy occasion!

See you tomorrow – 10a-5p!



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