Natural Shea Butter Lotion

The Shea Butter Lotion is one of those products that I originally started making as a heavy, oil-based moisturizer for a natural solution to ultra dry skin. I now use it for so many treatments, I often wonder how many of my customers realize that Shea Butter can be used for more than just a moisturizer. Here’s the rundown of all the ways you can use your Shea Butter Lotion by Rare Bath and Body:

  1. Moisturizer – Don’t discount the power of Shea Butter as a moisturizer. That’s what I designed it for and it works great! A little goes a long way to smooth out legs, treat chapped heels and elbows, and nourish skin. Warm it up in your hands for smoother application.
  2. Under eye Treatment – A lot of people ask me if I make under eye treatments, and I don’t make any products with just the purpose. But the Shea Butter Lotion is perfect for dabbing under your eyes at night to help improve your skin’s elasticity and reduce bags. The main secret to bagless eyes is getting enough sleep, water and 30 minutes of exercise on the regular to improve your circulation. If you have my Oasis moisturizing facial serum, you can use that as an under eye treatment as well.
  3. Cuticle Cream – One of my favorite ways to unwind is giving myself a manicure. I keep my Shea Butter Lotion handy so that I can use just a small amount to nourish my cuticles and keep them healthy. My nails look great and it helps to keep my cuticles from cracking.
  4. Massage – If you and your partner enjoy at home massages, the Shea Butter Lotion makes a great massage balm. It doesn’t have the same slip as massage oil, but once the friction warms it up, it has excellent glide. It also has the added benefit of nourishing the skin of wherever you use it (and your back and feet tend to be neglected areas that need moisture!), without clogging pores and a with little to no mess.
  5. Hair Treatment – This is going to sound so weird if you’ve never done any kind of deep conditioning to your hair. And, if you have the Shea Butter Lotion, it might seem kind of gross to put it in your hair, but trust me, it’s so worth it. Last winter was brutal on my hair, and even with daily conditioning, my hair felt brittle and dry. I got desperate and one night, while watching a movie, I just started massaging Shea Butter lotion into the ends of my hair. One thing led to another, and I ended up working Shea Butter lotion all the way up to my scalp and massaged my scalp for a while. I wrapped my hair up and let it sit over night. It washed out easily the next morning, and my hair felt soft, supple and way more manageable. The weirdest part? I did this for the first time on dry hair – I promise it works way better on wet hair. If you dye your hair, flat iron it, load it with hair spray, sunbathe, or will be spending a lot of time outside this winter, the Shea Butter Lotion is a wonderfully natural way to keep your hair healthy and damage-free. (Regular hair cuts is important too!)
  6. Pre-treatment – I didn’t know how to name this one, but basically I’m talking about putting the Shea Butter Lotion on your skin before you are about to do something that will probably damage it. I have two examples: a.) You’re about to go for a swim in a chlorinated pool. Slather the Shea Butter Lotion on the areas that are most likely to get totally dried out (for me, I just do my shins and my knees). Just keep in mind that applying lotion can decrease the effectiveness of your sunscreen, which is why I only do this to areas that are less likely to be burned. b.) Let’s say you walk to work in the winter time or shovel the driveway or whatever. Put that Shea Butter Lotion on your face to protect that very delicate skin from major windburn, chill and dryness. I learned this trick from a Michigan native that embraced winter by accepting its drawbacks and being totally proactive.

Before I wrap up, let me tell you what’s in my Shea Butter Lotion – the Shea Butter is obvious, but I also add Vitamin E and a touch of Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil. The purpose of the Vitamin E is an antioxidant to help lengthen the shelf life of your Shea Butter Lotion without using preservatives.

You can pick up a jar of my Natural Shea Butter Lotion in my online shop, or, if you’re local to Buffalo, you can swing by my Pop-Up shop inside Furnishings at 500 Main Street in downtown Buffalo. Just look for the blue and white awning at the corner of Main and Mohawk.