Tough Mudder Pittsburgh

You may have seen on my Instagram that I ran the Tough Mudder in Pittsburgh this past Saturday. It’s a day of sun, wind, and dirt, so I wanted to share a few of my go to products for clean up. Our course was 10.5 miles and took my team about 5 hours to complete. Most of the obstacles are in mud, so I was coated in mud, that constantly dried up and flaked off throughout the day. I also slid into a vat of ice water, so my skin and hair saw a variety of heat, sweat, mud and chill throughout the day. Aside from a teeny bit of sunburn, my biggest issue was overall dryness from the mud.

After we completed the Mudder, we were able to rinse off, but this was a low-pressure water hose, so while I got my skin rinsed, my hair was a disaster. I rinsed it as best as I could and just swept it up into a bun for the ride back to Buffalo.

Once I was home and surrounded by my favorite products, I got a hot shower in. I had to wash my hair three times to get the mud and debris out of my hair, and even after conditioning it, it was like straw. My skin was covered in scrapes and scratches, all of which were filled with dirt and debris, so I used my Chocolate Lavender Sugar Scrub and a bath brush to clean off my skin, clean out my cuts, scrub my feet and get under my nails. I also made sure to scrub my shoulders, neck and face, as they had a touch of sunburn.

I used my Argan Oil Hair Serum to treat my parched hair. I have very fine hair and typically use my Hair Serum pretty sparingly, but in this case, I loaded a handful of it into the end of my hair and worked it in really well. I also gave my hair an overall spritz of my Coconut Leave-In Conditioner. I combed it out, wrapped it up, and let it soak in the goods over night.

For my skin, I went with pure aloe vera for my face, neck and shoulders. I wanted to use my Shea Butter Lotion on my legs, but they were so scratched up I went with neosporin instead. Shea Butter for my feet, a tall glass of water, and a good night’s sleep and I was feeling right as rain.

There is nothing wrong with having fun and getting dirty. Your skin is there┬áto protect you and its tougher than it may seem. The key is to have a recovery plan for the aftermath so that you’re not letting damage upon damage compound. If you’re planning to spend a day in the sun, prepare with the right sunscreen and make sure to keep reapplying every 80 minutes throughout the day. Be ready to exfoliate and re-hydrate your skin when you’re back home and out of the sun. Aloe vera is my go-to for sun damage.

If you’re planning to do something like Tough Mudder, or you play an outdoor sport like soccer, then I’m sure you have no qualms with getting dirty. And you shouldn’t! Be beautiful in the mud, let your skin take the heat, and be ready to treat yourself when you’re done!

I think the best thing you can do is remember to stay hydrated, regardless of what you do. Your skin hydrates from the inside out, so lots of water makes a big difference in your complexion and overall skin balance. It sounds corny, but keep track of your water intake for a couple of weeks and see what a difference it makes to your skin (and how you feel) when you’re really well hydrated.

It’s also really important to exercise and keep healthy circulation. Getting your heart rate up can really help keep your complexion beautiful, and good circulation helps to prevent dark circles under your eyes, where circulation is thin and sluggish without a proper boost.

My point is your whole life doesn’t have to be your beauty regimen. Don’t stop yourself from doing what you love or challenging yourself because your skin or hair might get beat up. Just be prepared with your recovery tools – pampering yourself feels extra special when you earned it by overcoming a challenge!