Product Spotlight – Perfumes

Happy Thursday!

One of my lesser known products is my perfumes. I make four different fragrances, all with a jojoba oil base. Jojoba oil is very close to your skin’s natural sebum, so the perfumes absorb nicely and leave your skin soft to the touch. The four fragrances are lilac, coastline, french pear and lavender. I also have a cherry blossom fragrance in limited supply – once this fragrance is gone I won’t be making more.

The coastline perfume is a true fan favorite. If you love the beach, and you want to be surrounded with the salt and sunshine fragrance year round, this fragrance is for you. It’s a warm, salty scent, and I’m told it smells a lot like the old Coppertone sunscreen.

The french pear is a mix of warm vanilla, sensual musk and a touch of sweet, fresh-sliced pear. This one is my personal favorite, and it transitions nicely from daytime to evening. It’s not too heavy either – some musky fragrances can be rather cloudy and a little too much. This blend is very feminine and pleasing.

The lilac and the lavender are pretty self-explanatory, and both are true to the natural scent of the plants they are named after. The lavender perfume is made with lavender essential oil, so if you’re looking for an all-natural perfume, or if you want the holistic benefits of lavender, this perfume is a good choice for you.

All four perfumes are available at Furnishings and ShopCraft as well as in my online store. Check out this post for location and hours for Furnishings and ShopCraft (both are Buffalo based shops).